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These pages are on the cultivation and taxonomy of plants of the genus Cryptocoryne & Lagenandra (Araceae)
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Cryptocoryne ciliata (Roxburgh) Schott var. latifolia Rataj

As the name says, this C. cilata has (big,) broad leaves. This character doesn't hold so much as var. cilata may have even broader leaves. Besides the name, the plant is clearly distinguished from var. cilata by having short upright sprouts, and being sterile, caused by its triploid chromosome number of 2n = 33. The distribution of both var's is not well known, at some places there are mixed populations.

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Habitat of C. spiralis var. latifolia in a tidal creek in Johore, W. Malaysia. The water may rise 1 m twice a day. On the background Nypa palms.
coll. B 801
A cultivated plant form the locality mentioned left.
coll. & cult. B 801
The spathe with long cilia ...
coll. & cult. B 801
... and a broad collar.
coll. & cult. B 801
A plant from Thailand ...
coll.NJT 02-27, cult.B 889

... which made many offshoots, typical for var. latifolia.
coll.NJT 02-27, cult.B 889
A more reddish limb of the spathe.
coll.NJT 02-27, cult.B 889

almost identical with the Malay plant.
coll. & cult. B 801

Opened kettle with the female and male flowers.
coll.NJT 02-27, cult.B 889
The flap over the male flowers is a bit translucent. Note the beginning extrusion of the pollen (left).
coll.B 801, cult.B 801
The ovaries with the somewhat inward bend stigma's.
coll.B 801, cult.B 801
This kettle is a bit more constricted in the middle.
coll.NJT 02-27, cult.B 889
The charm of the branched cilia.
coll. NJT 02-27, cult. B 889
Herbarium specimen from the Malay locality
coll.B 801
... with young, developing plants
coll.B 801
Distribution of C. cilata for both var. ciliata and var. latifolia.

In 2015 a locality on Palawan was found, the first record for the Philippines. Probably introduced by an aquarium hobbyist
C. ciliata var. latifolia is easy to grow, like var.ciliata.

Updated January 2016

For literature see C. ciliata var. ciliata

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