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These pages are on the cultivation and taxonomy of plants of the genus Cryptocoryne & Lagenandra (Araceae)
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Cryptocoryne wendtii de Wit

Cryptocoryne wendtii is very variable species. Not only there occur many different types, they too change their habit due to environmental conditions. Until there is a good documentation of their localities, it makes hardly sense to describe var's. And when you might do, what to say about fifteen var's? Some nurseries use a cultivar name like the 'Mi Oya', which is named after the locality. The pictures are taken from emersed plants. The notes must be referenced to the description of the type (drawing see below).

Click on the picture to get the full image (ca. 50 kB)

A rather small leaved form with a wide undulated margin. The limb of the spathe is twisted and has a purplish color inside.
coll. hort., cult. B28
A quite 'normal' specimen of C. wendtii. The leaves are grass-green, in submersed culture they may develop grayish spots. The limb of the spathe is yellow and is rather open.
coll. hort., cult. B586 (=M31)
This form has short cordate leaves with pronounced dark veins. The same plant can develop elongated green leaves when grown submersed.
coll. hort., cult. B95
A giant form of C. wendtii. The leaves easily reach 25 cm, with blades of 13 x 6 cm! Younger leaves are somewhat bullate.
coll. hort., cult. B345
C. wendtii has a small, deep brown pronounced collar. The limb is normally reddish brown as seen here.
coll. hort., cult. B345
A yellow limb of the spathe. Note that the limb is twisted in the opposite direction. The oblique position is typical for C. wendtii, but often its not the case.
coll. hort., cult. B586 (=M31)
A very twisted limb of the spathe. The color of the limb is pale yellow with some brownish. Note that the limb of C. wendtii is almost always asymmetrical.
coll. Stam 5, cult. B392
A quite amazing C. wendtii. A wide opened limb of the spathe a greenish yellow color make this spathe resemble a C. beckettii.
coll. hort., cult. B36
A giant spathe of C. wendtii. This spathe has a rather broad collar and is wide opened. Nobody likes to say that this is a C. wendtii.
coll. hort., cult. B94
A pretty normal spathe of C. wendtii. This one is a bit more reddish.
coll. hort., cult. B28
Too a very normal spathe of C.wendtii. The color of the limb is not as dark as one might see.
coll. hort., cult. B291
This specimen has a very high collar, unusual in C. wendtii.
coll. hort., cult. B35
A rather broad leafed C. wendtii.
coll. hort., cult. B291
These bullated, brown leafed specimen may turn into a narrow leafed, brown colored plant with dark stripes.
coll. hort., cult. B726 (=W42)
A long spadix. Note the alveoli, as usual in C. wendtii.
coll. hort., cult. B94
A rather short spadix. These characters are of little use in C. wendtii.
coll. hort., cult. B28
Another opened lower part of the spathe of C. wendtii.
coll. hort., cult. B36
Albert Wendt (1887-1958) was a fabulous hobby grower with special interest in crypts. He published the famous 'Aquariumpflanzen in Wort und Bild', a loose leaf book.
photo collection H.W.E.van Bruggen
The 'original' form of C. wendtii from de description of De Wit (de Wit 1958, 1990).
drawing Ike Zewald
Distribution of C. wendtii on Sri Lanka. Probably there may several 'secondary' locations.

C. wendtii grows in the central part of Sri Lanka (Kandy area). There are surprising few reports on the distribution of the different forms, only the Mi Oya form has a well known locality. Jacobsen (1976), Eggers (1994), Horst (1986), de Graaf and Arends (1986) give some localities.
It is well possible that there are some hybrids (from nature) included in this page. It would be very valuable to make some backcrossings. The same is true for other species from Sri Lanka, see for example C. beckettii.

Updated February 1998


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