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These pages are on the cultivation and taxonomy of plants of the genus Cryptocoryne (Araceae)
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Cryptocoryne spiralis group from India

Since 2013 we distinguish four varieties of C. spiralis: var. spiralis (1830), var. huegelii (1855), var. cognatoides (1931) & var. caudigera (2013); var. huegelii and var. cognatoides were moved into spiralis respectively in 2013 and 1993 (Bogner 2013).

C. spiralis var. spiralis has by far the largest distribution, rougly the Western Ghats where it is found in the lowlands. Within var. spiralis there is a great variation. Some forms produces runners, others multiply by rhizone division, there is quite a variation in the spathe. There is also is a great difference in submersed growth, some forms grow emerged as small as 30 cm but submerged to over 1 m lenght. Submerged plants are hardly, if ever, seen in herbaria.
Var. huegelii grows at higher altitude. This plant is - as far as I know - not in cultivation ?? Would be nice!
Var. cognatoides is also from higher altitudes. The plant is said to seasonal but in cultivation it grows all the year over.
Var. caudigera is found at 1300 m in a Shola forest, but Bogner (2013) also found a herbarium specimen from the lowlands.

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var. spiralis
Easy to grow and for that reason common in cultivation. many different forms.
coll. unknown, cult. B 554
var. huegelii
A very broad leaved plant up to 60 cm. Not in cultivation?
coll. Yadav 335
herb. M. photo Hoeck
var. cognatoides
In cultivation leaves up to 50 cm and a very long spathe.
coll. Yadav 337, cult. B 669
var. caudigera (TYPE)
Emerged grown up to 15 cm, submerged ca. 30 cm.
coll. ex Sivadasan, cult. Bogner NJ 3411
herb. M. photo Hoeck
Distribution of var. spiralis
Distribution of var. huegelii
Distribution of var. cognatoides
Distribution of var. caudigera

Chromosome numbers known for var. spiralis: 33, 66, 88, 110, 132; var. cognatoides: 66/72.

A key for the varieties is found in Bogner 2013 (Document service).

As fas as known, C. spiralis varieties are easy to grow in a neutral mineral soil and and are robust plants, growing in full sun in relative dry air. Vars. spiralis and cognatoides flower easy in cultivation. For the aquarium vars. spiralis and caudigera are recommended.

January 2015

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