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These pages are on the cultivation and taxonomy of plants of the genus Cryptocoryne & Lagenandra (Araceae)
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Image coding in Cryptocoryne and Lagenandra

Image coding
All images of plants are coded with a 4 position code, connected with an underscore. The first part is the species code, a three letter abbreviation (see below). The second part is the collector's code. The third part is a greenhouse code. The fourth part is an arbitrarily code, it may be a date, film number or whatever. Unknown or irrelevant data are represented with a letter 'x'. Within a position, data may be separated with a hyphen. This way of coding has some imperfections and is for private use, but you may understand it.

Collectors and growers are normally represented by their full name, followed by the accession code or greenhouse entry number (if known, without blanc's). In the case of 'common names' or very long names I use abbreviations: B - Bastmeijer, Bud - Budianto, CC - Christensen, M - Möhlmann, Mie - Mierendorf, NJ - Niels Jacobsen, NT - Norito Takahashi, SW - Suwidji Wongso etc.
Jacobsen currently uses an extra letter to point the country where the accession is made fe. the letter T for Thailand. Rather common is the use of the year followed by a serial number. A full example: sia_NJT02-14_B881_030810a means a C. cordata var. siamensis, collected by Niels Jacobsen in Thailand in 2002 with serial number 14, cultivated by Bastmeijer with greenhouse entry number 881, the last part is a date of the picture followed with a 'a' to make the full code unique (for database use). As you understand there must be a document regarding the collection: locality (GPS), date, description etc. In general these are not public.
Sasaki uses a locality code instead of a accession code. For example ban_I-BEKB_B934_5939 is a C. bangkaensis collected by Yuji Sasaki in I - Indonesia, BE - the island Beriton (Biliton), KB - sungei Kacang Botok. Grown by B under number 934, the last number is the generated code by the digital camera.
Also Idei uses a locality code but he uses a broad area: A, B, C etc., followed by a serial number. For example ide_B-10A_B1057_7275 is C. ideii, collected by Takashige Idei with code B-10A (B area is near Sampit in Kalimantan). The drawback is that when more collections are made, one must merge it with f .e. the datum to have a unique accession.  I often use these codes without the name of the collector for short.

abi   C. albida moe C. moehlmannii
aff   C. affinis mro C. species 'Rompin'
alb   C. alba nak C. species 'Nakamoto'
ann C. annamica nev C. nevillii
apo C. aponogetifolia nor C. noritoi
aua C. aura nup   C. nurii 'Platinum'
aur C. auriculata nur C. nurii var. nurii
bal C. crispatula var. balansae pal   C. pallidinervia
ban C. bangkaensis par C. parva
bas C. bastmeijeri pel C. species 'Pelan'
bat C. x batangkayensis pla C. crispatula var. planifolia
bec C. beckettii pon C. pontederiifolia
bed C. x bednii pur C. x purpurea nothovar. purpurea
bog C. bogneri pyg C. pygmaea
bor  C. x purpurea nothovar. borneoensis rau C. nurii var. raubensis
bul C. bullosa reg C. regina
cil   C. ciliata var. ciliata ret C. retrospiralis
coa   C. coronata rom C. species
cog  C. cognata sah C. sahalii
con  C. consobrina sch C. schulzei
cor  C. cordata var. cordata scu C. scurrilis
cri C. crispatula var. crispatula sek C. ferruginea var. sekadauenis
cru   C. cruddasiana sia C. cordata var. siamensis
dec   C. decus-silvae sir C. cordata var. siamensis 'Rosanervig'
dem C. crispatula var. decus-mekongensis siv C. sivadasanii
dew C. dewitii spc C. spiralis var. cognatoides
did C. cordata var. diderici spe C. species
edi   C. edithiae spg C. spiralis var. caudigera
ell C. elliptica sph C. spiralis var. huegelii
erw C. erwinii spi C. spiralis var. spiralis
fer C. ferruginea var. ferruginea str C. striolata
fla C. crispatula var. flaccidifolia thw C. thwaitesii
fus   C. fusca tim C. x timahensis
gra C. cordata var. grabowskii ton C. crispatula var. tonkinensis
gri  C. griffithii uen C.uenoi
hen C. yujii var. hendrikii und C. undulata
hud C. hudoroi ust C. usteriana
hyb hybrid ver C, versteegii var. versteegii
ide C. ideii vie C. vietnamensis
isa C. isae vil C. villosa
jac C. jacobsenii wal C. walkeri
jay C. versteegii var. jayaensis was C. waseri
kee C. keei wen C. wendtii
kub C. crispatula var. kubotae won C. wongsoi
lat C. ciliata var. latifolia yel C. species 'yellow rim'
lin C. lingua yuj C. yujii
loe C. loeiensis yun C. crispatula var. yunnanensis
lon   C. longicauda wil C. x willisii
mat C. matakensis zai C. zaidiana
mek C. mekongensis zuk C. zukalii
min  C. minima    
lbo   L. bogneri lme L. meeboldii
lde   L. dewitii lna L. nairii
ler   L. erosa lov L. ovata
lgo   L. gomezii lpr L. praetermissa
lja   L. jacobsenii lth   L. thwaitesii
lke   L. keralensis lto   L. toxicaria
lko   L. koenigii lun   L. undulata
lla   L. lancifolia

Updated February 2000

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