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These pages are on the cultivation and taxonomy of plants of the genus Cryptocoryne & Lagenandra (Araceae)
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This page is restricted to a few sites for it is difficult to maintain. The best way to find out what's going on, is to use a search engine like Google. As you may get over thousand hits, refine the query. For example "Cryptocoryne Singapore" will give you interesting hits.
With these links, you will probably not enter their homepage, so go up and down in their directories to find out.
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Updated May 2014

Type the URL (internet address ) or plain text into Google translate and you can read it in your own language. I tested it for Japanese, German, Thai and it works.



Hendra Buduanto offers very nice pictures of Cryptocoryne, mainly from Kalimantan. Including an under water movie from C. grabowskii.

Nakomoto from Singapore is a commercial collector and is very talented to find new plants. His blogs form an enormous archive for habitat information.

Illumbomb, friend of Nakamoto, gives a good extension in his blog and also does much work on the background.

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Nonn and friends are based in Thailand and give a nice survey of their country. Mainly on fish but they also found stands of C. crispatula.

Joshua & Herman from West Malaysia have a very nice site on their trips to the natural habitats of Cryptocoryne in the Malay peninsula

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Mike Lo from Kuching, Sarawak does quite a lot in discovering new localities for Crypts. Beautiful pictures of the habitats.



A rather active group discussing the do's and don'ts with Cryptocoryne. USA based, so they have problems to get the plants into their country.

A Singapore based discussing group, they live close at the plants at least.

A Malay based discussing group, also very interesting to see.

A very big site with - for me most interesting - reports on field trips to see / collect fishes and plants.Take your time to go up and down in the directories of the site.



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Fredi Waser of the Swiss Plant group Aqua Planta Turicum issues yearly the report of the European Cryptocoryne Society. Very interesting are the reports on trips to Sri Lanka and Sumatra and Sarawak.

Peter Babics' site on Cryptocoryne and Lagenandra. He was very often in Sri Lanka and wrote some articles on the plants over there.

Maike Wilstermann runs a commercial site on gardening and aquaristics, but she also has a vast knowledge of aquatic plants.



Aqua Planta is the leading magazine for western Europe regarding aquatic plants. Almost in every issue is an article on Cryptocoryne.
It is issued by the 'Arbeitskreis Wasserpflanzen' in the VDA ( the German union of aquarium clubs).

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The Aquatic Gardener (TAG) is the magazine of the Aquatic Gardening Association (AGA) in the USA. From time to time there is an interesting article on Cryptocoryne.

The Forest Conservation Portal gives a lot of information about the threats of tropical forests. Look for example for Indonesia and Malaysia.

Wetlands International give a lot of information about the conservancy of the wetlands and peat lands.



A collection on downloadable articles on Cryptocoryne.

The Library of the University of Texas offers digital maps at 1 : 250,000 of almost all 'Crypto' countries. These old army maps are extremely detailed. Other than in Google maps, you find the names of small villages and streams.

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