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These pages are on the cultivation and taxonomy of plants of the genus Cryptocoryne & Lagenandra (Araceae)
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Cryptocoryne moehlmannii de Wit

An excellent aquarium plant, easy to grow, easy to multiply. Collected twice in west Sumatra near Sasok. There are hardly differences with Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia, only the limb being more twisted oblique, having a relative low collar zone.

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Cultivated specimen. Note the somewhat tapered leaves.
coll Jähn s.n., cult B 634
The same plant with more broad ovate leaves. Too many plants in the pot!
coll Jähn s.n., cult B 634
The typical spathe with a short tube and the twisted, oblique limb.
coll Jähn s.n., cult B 285
In one year the plant made several runners, filling the pot.
coll Jähn s.n., cult B 634
An inflorescence of C. moehlmannii. This form is collected near Sasok in western Sumatra. Note the twisted, oblique limb of the spathe.
coll Jähn s.n., cult B 285
A rather old inflorescence (3-4 days) with the limb nearly at right angles. This specimen has a distinct yellow colour of the limb.
coll Jähn s.n., cult B 634
A more wide open limb of the spathe showing the small collar zone.
coll Jähn s.n., cult B 634
A longitudinal section of the spathe. Note the constriction in the kettle just below the male flowers (the flap is lost).
coll Jähn s.n., cult B 634
Opened spathe of C. moehlmannii. Note the the red dots in the tube - not common. The whole kettle is exactly like C. pontederiifolia.
coll Jähn s.n., cult B 600
Herbarium sheet of the Meijer 3505 collection in the Herbarium of Leiden (L). This material was collected near Sasok in 1955.
coll. Meijer 3505
Nationaal Herbarium Leiden
De Wit (1990) gives this fine drawing of C. moehlmannii
coll Jähn s.n.
drawing Y.F. Tan

Distribution C. moehlmannii in Western Sumatra.

Probably all C. moehlmannii plants in cultivation descend from one collection made in 1977 by Jähn, who shipped them to Möhlmann.
At that time the only known form of Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia was with the broad, pure yellow limb with a very high collar zone. See the page on C. pontederiifolia.

The plant is named in honour to Friedrich Möhlmann (1920-1991), an excellent grower of Cryptocoryne.

Möhlmann, Jacobsen and Bogner (left to right)
at the Cryptocoryne meeting in Hildesheim (D) in 1986.

Updated January 2018


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