by Jan D. Bastmeijer
These pages are on the cultivation and taxonomy of plants of the genus Cryptocoryne (Araceae)
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Cryptocoryne spiralis (Retzius) Fischer ex Wydler var. huegelii (Schott) Bogner

Cryptocoryne huegelii Schott with its synonym C. tortuosa Blatter & McCann were up to now regarded as synonyms for C. spiralis. In 1993 the var. cognatoides was described. In 2013, Bogner described both the new var. caudigera and C. huegelii as a variety of C. spiralis. Besides the big size of this plant (up to 75 cm), also the habitat is different, growing at much higher elevation in the Western Ghats.

Click on the picture to get the full image (ca. 50 kB)

Herbarium sheet in Munich (M)
coll. Hügel 2446
A recent (1990) collection of var. huegelii
coll. Yadav 0335 (M)
Drawing in de Wit (1990) of C. huegelii.
drawn after Hügel 2446 and McCann 3913
drawing Ike Zewald
Distribution of C. spiralis var. huegelii.

Cryptocoryne spiralis var. huegelii is, as far as I know, not in cultivation.

December 2013

Literature (for more literature see the spiralis-group):

Bogner, J., 2013. Eine neue Vatietat der Cryptocoryne spiralis (Retzius) Fischer ex Wydler (Araceae) ais Indien. Aqua Planta 38(4): 141-148. (Document service)

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