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These pages are on the cultivation and taxonomy of plants of the genus Cryptocoryne & Lagenandra (Araceae)
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Cryptocoryne walkeri Schott

Cryptocoryne walkeri is a well known aquarium plant for many years. Its origin is Sri Lanka. The last decades more and more new 'forms' were imported, closing the gaps between - till then - close related species C. lutea and C. legroi. Here, C. walkeri is interpreted as a rather broad species. Even then, it is sometimes difficult to make a decision whether or not a specimen belongs to C. walkeri or not. The basic characters for C. walkeri used here: a relative narrow limb of the spathe, the limb yellow to greenish yellow and a throat of about the same color. The collar or 'collarzone' is more or less pronounced.

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A 'classical' C. walkeri with dark bronze-green leaves with a purple lower side. As all common Sri Lanka species, they are easy to cultivate.
coll. hort., cult. B30
The limb of the spathe is relative narrow. The top is mostly a bit folded. This specimen has a rather distinct collar. Note the reddish color inside the tube.
coll. hort., cult. B30
The female flowers (lower part) are rounded, not seen in other species, but it is not present in all C. walkeri plants. Note the alveoli (windows) in the kettle wall.
coll. hort., cult. B30
This plant has a purple red upperside of the leaves, making them very attractive for aquarists. The limb is distinct yellow and lacks a pronounced collar.
coll. hort., cult. B662
This C. walkeri ("lutea") has rather short leaveblades on the stem. Mostly the blades have a typical red venation on the lower side.
coll. hort., cult. B671
The limb of this (older) spathe is somewhat folded back at the edges and has a distinct twist in the upper part of the limb. Note that this specimen has a wide collarzone.
coll. hort., cult. B671
A typical limb of C. walkeri. There is not a distinct collar but a clear to see collarzone. Note again the fold at the top of the limb and the reddish color inside the tube.
coll. hort., cult. B671
Another view inside the kettle. The female flowers are not rounded, the styles are a bit longer and the olfactory bodies (above the female flowers) are rather big.
coll. hort., cult. B91
The collarzone on this limb is amazing high positioned on the limb but the best deal may be to say it is a C. walkeri.
coll. hort., cult. AB
photo Boorsma
A brownish limb of the spathe. Note the somewhat denticulated edges of the limb and the reddish inside color of the tube.
coll. hort. cult. W
photo van Wijngaarden
A green limb of the spathe an a pale throat. The collar is rather well developed.
coll. & cult. NJ 74-21
photo Jacobsen
Locality of C. walkeri where it grows on the banks of this river.
coll. NJ
photo Jacobsen
De Wit (1990) gives several drawings of   this plant and the synonyms. This one is described as C. walkeri.
drawing Ike Zewald
A drawing of C. lutea
drawing Ike Zewal
A drawing of C. legroi.
drawing Ike Zewald
Distribution of C. walkeri on Sri Lanka.

See also the pages for C. beckettii, C. undulata and C. wendtii for comparison, the differences can be rather small.

Updated January 2002


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