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These pages are on the cultivation and taxonomy of plants of the genus Cryptocoryne & Lagenandra (Araceae)
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Cryptocoryne in the fine arts

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Of course, the line drawings and aquarel paintings by Ike Zewald and others are the most exciting for they share botanical accurateness with the style of an artist. But there are other examples of art where Cryptocoryne is starring some way.
Real collector items for those who love these small Aroid plants. Have fun with it.
Click on the picture to get the full image (ca 50 k)
WAGsymp1986m.jpg (5066 bytes) wasmer-1m.jpg (5887 bytes)
At the 1980 International Waterplant Symposium, hold in Wageningen (NL) at the retirement of prof De Wit, the lecturers were awarded this tile. May be a C. ´purpurea nothovar. purpurea.
owned and photographed by Niels Jacobsen
The Czech water plant lovers group held a symposium in 1982 and issued this badge ( 3 x 1.5 cm) as a souvenir.
It looks like a C. cordata.
collection Claus Kettner
The Dutch `Werkgroep Aquarium Planten' (WAP) made this tile at the occasion of their 10th anniversary. A stylized C. ciliata.
design Jelle Reumer
Stefanie Wasmer offered this oil painting of -what she said - C. affinis on the internet around 1999. The URL isn´t active anymore. The limb of the spathe resembles a C. albida.
purStampMYm.jpg (8469 bytes) cryptoobujye-longi.jpg (3809 bytes) lon-light2003m.jpg (6079 bytes) ECS2003glassm.jpg (3522 bytes)
The first stamp in the world with a Cryptocoryne was issued in Malaysia in 2002. The picture should be a C. ×purpurea nothovar. purpurea, a native Cryptocoryne from the Malay peninsula.
Malaysian government
This is an 'acrylic' model of C. longicauda offered by a Japanese firm. Other models are available of  C. thwaitesii, C. cordata and C. fusca. See their site (Feb. 2003) at: ~apist/cryptobujye.htm
A huge spathe of C. longicauda of ca 1 m height in wrought iron. The opened kettle holds a candle light. This is made by Claus Kettner (2003) and serves as a monument on Möhlmann's grave in Germany. A drinking glass with engraved a drawing (made by Ike Zewald) of C. johorensis ( syn. for C. longicauda).
The glass was offered to the attendees of the ECS meeting in Northeim in 2003. Made by the firm
ECS2004tilem.jpg (3417 bytes) ECS2005keym.jpg (4428 bytes) watertrumpetNJ.jpg (4330 bytes)
The Japanese Cryptocoryne Fan Club has this image which resembles a book. It will never appear. Note the nice Cryptocoryne coronata.
website JCFC
This tile with a limb of Cryptocoryne ciliata was offered the attendees of the ECS meeting in 2004 at Copenhagen.
Created by Claus Kettner
The 2005 attendees of the ECS got this key ring with a piece of glass showing a blue led lighted C. griffithii Crypts music. Niels Jacobsen plays the watertrumpet at the ECS 2006 meeting.
movie Jacobsen

When you find another example, please contact me!
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