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These pages are on the cultivation and taxonomy of plants of the genus Cryptocoryne & Lagenandra (Araceae)
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Who's who in Cryptocoryne

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This page is a long term project. It takes a long time, especially to find photographs. Any help is very welcome. Some people will be honoured with a full page while others 'must do' with a few lines. Sorry if you feel invonveniant with this.
There are a few criteria used for selection of persons. Hard criteria are when a person is named (f.e. C. gasseri) or made a description of a new species (f.e. C. gasseri N. Jacobsen). A bit more complicated are criteria like authors of  articles or books, excellent growers etc.

Updated July 2012

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Josef Bogner (1939 - 2020)(Document service)

Josef Bogner received a honorary doctorate at Munich (Germany) on March 5, 2004 for his great contributions to the knowledge of Aroids. Bogner is named with Cryptocoryne bogneri (Rataj, syn De Wit) and Lagenandra bogneri De Wit.

Descriptions by Bogner:
C. hudoroi Bogner & N. Jacobsen (1985), L. gomezii (Schott) Bogner & N. Jacobsen (1987), C. sivadasanii Bogner (2004), C. spiralis (Retzius) Wydler var. cognatoides (Blatter & McCann) Yadav, Patil et Bogner (1993)

photo Claus-Dieter Junge

Edith Korthaus (19xx - 1987)

C. korthausiae Rataj 1975 (syn. for C. albida Parker)
C. edithiae De Wit 1983

Read an in memoriam in: Eggers, G. 1987. Edith Korthaus. Aqua Planta 12(2): 74.
photo Foersch

Friedrich Möhlmann (1920 -1991)

C. moehlmannii De Wit 1983

Robert A. Gasser

C. gasseri N. Jacobsen, 1979 (synonym for C. minima Ridley)

H.C.D. de Wit (1909 - 1999)

Cryptocoryne dewitii N. Jacobsen 1977, Lagenandra dewitii Crusio & De Graaf, 1986
Descriptions by De Wit:

C. alba (1975), C. amicorum (1982, syn. for C. minima), C. bogneri (1975, syn. for C. bogneri Rataj), C. blassii (1960, syn. for C. cordata var. siamensis), C. decus-silvae (1976), C. diderici (1970, syn. for C. cordata var. diderici), C. edithiae (1983), C. fusca (1970), C. gracilis (1970, syn. for C. striolata), C. jacobsenii (1976), C. legroi (1970, syn. for C. walkeri), C. lucens (1962, syn.for C. ×willisii), C. moehlmannii (1983), C. parva (1970), C. schulzei (1971), C. scurrilis (1962), C. sulphurea (1976, syn. for C. pontederiifolia), C. tortilis (1975, syn. for C. fusca), C. venemae (1970, syn. for C. pallidinervia), C. wendtii (1958), C. zewaldiae (1971, syn for C. minima), L. bogneri (1978), L. blassii (1978 syn. for L. lancifolia), L. erosa (1978), L. jacobsenii (1983), L. praetermissa (1983), L. schulzei (1978) syn. for L. lancifolia.

H.G.D. Zewald (1929 - 2016)

C . zewaldiae De Wit 1971 (syn. for C. minima Ridley)

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